photo of Bishop Adrian D. Ware

Bishop Adrian D. Ware is Founder, Senior Pastor, and Chief Executive Officer of The Church Triumphant Global – one of the most exciting ministries in the metropolitan Jackson, Mississippi area.  Having received the call to preach the Gospel in June of 1977, Bishop Ware hesitated because: (1) he had wanted to become a physician since the age of six and he wondered how he could do both, and (2) he had a severe stutter that caused bodily twitching and involuntary movements as he attempted to speak.

After much prayer, study, and unsuccessful negotiations with God, he accepted the Divine Call in June of 1983 and preached his first official message.  While a member of his father’s church, his gift was nurtured and properly cultivated.  There, he served in the areas of Intercessory Prayer, Altar Ministry, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Consecration Coordinator, Evangelism, Wednesday Night Bible Class Teacher, Associate Minister, Board of Directors, and any other position where he was needed.

Bishop Ware was personally mentored and taught the basics of teaching and preaching by Bishop Noel Jones,  senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church, Gardena, California. For three years, he attended his Ministerial Alliance Class as well as traveled to sit under his teachings whenever possible.  Bishop Noel Jones taught a host of courses to prepare the young minister, including, but not limited to Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Church History, How To Study the Bible, How to Prepare a Biblically-sound Message, How to Capture and Hold Each Audience’s Attention, etc.   Before founding The Church Triumphant, Bishop Ware taught at a three-year “Pentecostal Bible Training School” to a class of approximately fifty (50) adult students.   Teaching this course forced him to thoroughly learn everything from The Pre-Adamic World, The Seven Dispensations, Jesus – In the Volume of the Book, The Gift of Salvation, Proper Administration of the Gifts of the Spirit, as well as the teachings of Eschatology.

On June 1, 1997, Bishop Adrian Ware, along with his wife, Pastor Tonya, opened the doors of The Church Triumphant, at its temporary location at the Harvey Hotel, with seven (7) people in attendance. Since that time, the ministry has blossomed into a unique, growing, vibrant community of excited Believers. God’s mandate to Bishop Ware is two-fold: (1) prophetic, revelatory teaching, and (2) the gifts of healing. On a consistent basis, God has confirmed His Word as thousands have heard teachings filled with the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge that were specific to their individual situation and circumstance. Through Bishop Ware’s ministry, countless persons have been delivered from oppression, sicknesses, and various incurable diseases.  Bishop Ware majors in teaching the living Word of Truth in a manner that brings understanding to all who hear him.

Bishop Ware began his formal education at Saint Gabriel Catholic School and graduated from Gentry High School as Salutatorian.  Having been born in a family that places education as a major priority, he always excelled in academics. He graduated from Delta State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.   He received a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Mississippi College. While earning his M.B.A., he concentrated his studies in the areas of Business, Law, and Finance. He has also extensively studied at Millsaps College and Texas College.  Prior to pastoring, he organized and successfully operated his own real estate investment company as well as a thriving insurance brokerage.

Bishop Ware was born a fourth generation member into the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.  He later received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and was fellowshipped among those in the Pentecostal Church.  The Church Triumphant Global is a member of Faith Ministries Alliance under the leadership of Dr. William S. Winston of Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, Illinois.   Dr. Bill Winston is Bishop Adrian Ware’s Pastor and Spiritual Covering. Bishop Ware’s debut project – “The Modern Day Moses” has been released and is a sample of his powerful ministry.  He is one of the most prolific teachers of the Word of God in this area as well as abroad.   He is active in the Greater Jackson community through the Rotary Club of Jackson.  Bishop Ware considers his role of a loving husband and a nurturing supportive father to be his highest achievements.  Bishop Adrian and Pastor Tonya Ware have two beautiful daughters, Wisdom Noelle and Wealth Joy.