The Church Triumphant Global – “A Word Church” – is one of the most powerful churches in the world!  We want to see you WIN in LIFE!  At The Church Triumphant Global, we strive to be a representation of God’s Kingdom. When you come to visit, you will be loved just as you are.


More of What’s Happening at TCTG

What to expect on your first visit

First, come as you are, dressed the way you feel comfortable and know we welcome you with open arms.


What you will experience:

  • A congregation like none other
  • A friendly, loving, accepting atmosphere
  • A environment of hope and expectation
  • A very powerful, unique, transformative word that will help you WIN in every area of LIFE
  • Illustrative and dramatic teaching that inspire
  • Exciting, heart-felt worship
  • An opportunity to join in, sing, give, and fellowship with real people
  • A loving staff who cannot wait to serve you and your family
  • Nursery for babies
  • Triumphant Kids and Triumphant Youth Groups
  • And SO MUCH more …

Service Times:

Thursdays @ 7:30 P.M. – Bible School (All Are Welcome)

Saturdays @ 12:00 Noon – Saturday Church  #BEST1hourchurchinthecity  #successchurch

Sundays @ 10:00 A.M. – Sunday Service

Join a Small Group! Small Groups are held throughout the month – log on to the TCTG Facebook Page for information.

Nursery, kids and youth classes are held on Sundays.